This Is A Voice

The Guest Best Bits So Far

April 16, 2021 Jeremy Fisher and Dr Gillyanne Kayes Season 2 Episode 6
This Is A Voice
The Guest Best Bits So Far
Show Notes

The theme for World Voice Day 2021 (April 16th) is One World, Many Voices.
To celebrate being part of that One World of voice, we thought it would be great to hear the best bits from our vocal expert guests.

We start with the first of our #LockdownHeroes, our SOVT expert Oren Boder
Oren made four appearances altogether on Podcasts 10, 11, 13 and 14 answering your SOVT questions and sharing so many insights.

James Sills, author of Do Sing and creator of The Sofa Singers, shared some moving thoughts in Season 1, Episode 12 on community, singing in a group, and the Sofa Singers manifesto.

Season 2 Episode 2 was a fun podcast with VOSocial leaders and voiceover experts Nic Redman and Leah Marks. We had a hoot arguing about tea, butter and being a bit lentilly.

And we finish with Phoene Cave in Season 2 Episode 4 on breathing, lung health and Covid. Check out Phoene's heartfelt and challenging thoughts at the beginning of her episode.

We're giving a special World Voice Day shoutout to Dr Marisa Lee Naismith and her new podcast A Voice And Beyond. We were guests ourselves on her podcast this month, and our chat is spread out over two episodes for World Voice Day (really, once we get going you can't get a word in edgeways...)

The SOVT Course we talk about with Oren is now available immediately as a streaming course. Click on and scroll down!

Gillyanne reads out a section of James's book Do Sing - here's a link to the book itself

Check out the excellent VOSocial podcast for everything to do with spoken voice and voiceovers, and a quick mention to Nic's new podcast The Voice Coach Podcast - look for it on your favourite podcast player.

Phoene Cave's website has details of her training courses on Singing for Lung Health with a host of resources for you to enjoy

If you want to find out more about Gillyanne and Jeremy's training resources, check out the brand new Vocal Process Learning Lounge - over 500 training videos and vocal resources for less than the price of one singing lesson